Dave Kerr

Technology consultant, McKinsey

Dave Kerr is a technology consultant for McKinsey & Company. He's worked across the world with diverse engineering teams, helping people write better software and companies build a better place for awesome engineers to work. Dave is a passionate geek who loves coding, devops, writing and coaching. When he can get away from his computer, he loves anything outdoors.

Session: Practical Engineering for Containers

As a developer, there are all sorts of patterns you can follow to build software which more effectively suits containers. Learning how to create containers which are fast, lightweight, easy to monitor and manage will help you engineer better systems. In this presentation I'm going to show you my top five engineering tips for building software which runs in containers. Along the way we'll deep dive into some of the internals of Docker to see just why these patterns can be so beneficial, and look at how these patterns become critical when working with orchestration platforms like Kubernetes.

Madhusudan Shekar

Principal Technical Evangelist, Amazon Internet Services

Madhusudan Shekar is a Principal Technical Evangelist at Amazon Internet Services Private Limited and has been working on cloud computing technologies from 2008. He engages with organizations of all sizes, from startups and large enterprises to enable them to adopt and be successful with AWS Cloud. He has over 20 years of experience in developing large scale systems for telecommunications, media, automotive and financial services industries. He loves to talk about building a connected-intelligent enterprise and enabling great customer experiences through connected smart technologies. Prior to AWS he built the connected fleet management system TATA Fleetman for automotive OEM TATA Motors and built the third party API gateway for enterprise smart payment systems at Ezetap. He is an active speaker at several events and runs innovation and devops workshops for large enterprises.

Manoj Ganapathi

Chief Architect, CodeOps

Manoj Ganapathi is a seasoned IT professional with more than 16 years of experience. He has extensive experience in enterprise & solution architecture, design and implementation of large & complex enterprise systems. As an architect and technology consultant, he has consulted with several large fortune 500 enterprises and also worked with ISVs and startups. In his career, he has worked in multiple technology-oriented and leadership roles across all phases of software development life cycle. He is experienced in building and running technical communities and has been a speaker in several technology conferences.

Ritesh Modi

Microsoft Regional Director and Microsoft Regional Lead - Trainers (MCT).

Ritesh is a seasoned IT professional with more than 14+ years of experience. He was technology architect and Senior Technology Evangelist with Microsoft. He is a known Industry leader, author and well know speaker at multiple national and international events. He’s an expert on Azure, DevOps, Bots, Cognitive, IOT, PowerShell, SharePoint, SQL Server and System Center. He has authored multiple books and “Azure for Architects” is his latest one. He has spoken at multiple conferences including Bangalore Container Conference, TechEd and PowerShell Asia conference and is a published author for MSDN magazine. He has more than a decade of experience in building and deploying enterprise solutions for customers. He blogs at http://automationnext.wordpress.com and can be followed on Twitter @automationnext

Session: Blockchain in containers - end to end perspective

At first glance, Blockchain and containers might sound like two completely unrelated technologies, however, digging deeper, you will find that containers are perfect hosts for blockchain solutions. Blockchain solutions are called Decentralized applications and containers are great in hosting applications. Containers help in creating distributed networks, bring fault-tolerance and scalability to decentralized applications and has tremendous economic and business value. In this session, we will deep-dive and see how to create and deploy decentralized applications built on top on Ethereum within containers. It will include the ledger management and front-end web portal - all hosted within Docker containers. It will show the best practices for hosting blockchain-based applications within containers. Do join me for a fantastic ride of integrating blockchain to containers.

Sreenivas Makam

Partner Engineer at Google Cloud

In his current role at Google, Sreenivas is responsible for technical enablement of Google cloud partners and architecting solutions for Google cloud customers. Sreenivas has a strong background in infrastructure, networking, cloud and containers. He is an active speaker at conferences and meetup groups. Sreenivas has been a Docker captain for 2.5 years. He is an active blogger in the cloud and containers domain and he has also written a book on CoreOS and Containers.

Session: Deep dive into Kubernetes networking
Container networking is pretty complex and Kubernetes has taken a unique approach to solve container networking challenges. Both simplicity and scalability have been key design principles of Kubernetes networking. This session will illustrate kubernetes networking concepts with examples and demos. Best practises and considerations for deploying container networks in production using Kubernetes will be covered.

This session will also go into latest developments in Kubernetes networking like Network policy and Service policy using Istio.