Docker Deep Dive: End-to-end Microservices with Docker EE 2.0

Learn through hands-on from Anoop Kumar who is an expert from Docker

04-August-2018, Radisson Blu, Bangalore


In this session we will get familiarized with the technical aspects of the Docker EE 2.0 Platform. It will involve a walkthrough of the swarm as well as the relatively newly introduced Kubernetes integrations, how it enables organizational agility, choice and security and the future roadmap of the product suite. We'll finally do a quick demo of the platform and close with a Q&A section.


Docker is the first and only container platform that supports both Linux and Windows workloads and allows the choice between Swarm & Kubernetes orchestrators. In this workshop we will do a deep dive and explore the capabilities in Docker. We will take a simple application with multiple microservices and use a soup-to-nuts technical analogy to run it through a software development cycle. We'll first build the images, push it to a registry and deploy the application on a local sandbox cluster using docker development tools. We'll then analyze and execute steps necessary to deploy the same application on a cloud based production cluster using features available in Docker EE 2.0. Because the theme is of choice, we will then deploy the same application on both swarm as well as kubernetes with minimal modifications. Finally, we'll delve into some key features as well as differences between the technologies, and the choices we have at our disposal to extend them further in order to address concerns and use-cases of enterprise systems. This workshop is expected to be very hands-on and heavy on CLI usage. It is expected to be a lot of fun, interactive with lots of discussions, Q&A and some slides.


Anoop Kumar


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Full-day hands-on workshop (yes, do bring your laptops)

Prerequisites/Entry Criteria

Key Outcomes/Takeaways


Section 1: Introduction

Section 2: Docker Usage

Section 3: Microservices Deployment


Section 4: Docker Enterprise Edition

Section 5: Components of Docker EE

Section 6: Orchestration in Docker EE

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About the Trainer

Anoop Kumar

Solutions Architect, Docker

Anoop Kumar is a Solutions Architect at Docker. Based out of Washington, DC., Anoop Kumar has been in software engineering, operations & development for the last 17 years and been in many different roles such as developer, tester, system admin, project manager and architect. He is passionate about automation and achieving efficiency through software controls and technologies. Prior to Docker, Anoop enjoyed automating configuration management at Puppet. He has also worked extensively in the US Federal sector, primarily in the Security domain.​