Hands-on Workshop - Kubernetes Cluster-based Application Deployment and Management

Explore Kubernetes with expert trainer(s) from IBM

04-August-2018, Radisson Blu, Bangalore


You would love to have a system that could manage your containers, launching them on the underlying machines, making sure they are distributed, and keeping them healthy. What I have described here is referred to as acontainer orchestration system. And, Kubernetes is one such system.

In this workshop, we would like to introduce you to the journey of deploying containers onto Kubernetes cluster and explore its high availability feature.

Also, you will be introduced to IBM cloud private which is an integrated environment for managing containers that includes the container orchestrator Kubernetes, a private image repository, a management console, and monitoring frameworks.



Full-day hands-on workshop (yes, do bring your laptops)



Session 1: Introduction to Kubernetes Cluster (Deploy Cluster at this time)

Session 2: Introduction to YAML and K8s Terminologies

Session 3: YAML Hands ON – Deploy a Container Onto K8s Cluster

Session 4: Get Started with Helm


Session 5: Helm Hands-on & Highly Available Deployments – Feature Exploration


Session 6:


About the Trainers

Rajesh K Jeyapaul

Cloud Solution Architect and Sr.Developer Advocate, IBM

Rajesh K Jeyapaul is a Cloud Solution Architect and Sr.Developer Advocate @ IBM India. His technology focus is around Cluster architecture , IoT and Deep Learning.

He works closely with on the ground developer community in enabling them with technology stack. He Mentors Startup community on their technology requirement.

In his 22 years of technology journey , he has led various product development projects on JVM technologies, OS and cloud OS with IBM and open source projects. Also, has led various enterprise solution enablement from database migration to hybrid cloud enablement for Banking and Telecom sector.

He started his career with Indian Defense Research organization as Research Fellow working in the cockpit simulation of India’s indigenous Light combat aircraft , Tejas.

He has co-authored RedBooks on PowerVM virtualizations & performances and having 4 patents to his credit. He is regular in presenting @ domestic and international conferences.

He will be glad to involve on any technology related tech talks or enablement related discussion in your organization.

Sanjay Verma

Advisory Software Engineer, IBM

Currently working on IBM Cloud Private Platform with a focus on storage requirements of the on- premises containerized applications. In IBM worked on OpenStack compute performance in IBM's Cloud Foundation services,OpenDaylight based SDN and various other virtual network related projects.

Having seventeen years of industry experience and in various domains like High Performance Computing, Server Management, Email Security, Network Security, SDN, and Cloud Computing. Sanjay has Master's degree in Computer Science from IISc Bangalore.

Shankar Ram Nagarajan

Developer, IBM

Shankar Ram Nagarajan has thirteen years of industry experience working in various domains like storage, networking and telecommunication. Have product development experience in the technology areas like Kuberenetes, Docker,Helm, NSX, NSX-T, Calico, OpenStack, terraform, Vmware vSphere, CIFS (Common Internet File System), GTPv2, STP (Spanning tree protocol), PVST+ (Per VLAN Spanning Tree), NSTG (Nortel Spanning Tree Group), MLT (Multi Link Trucking), RIP (Routing Information Protocol).

He has Master's degree in Computer Science from Anna University.